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Water Transfer Printing

I. What is the three-dimensional surface coating technology?

Three-dimensional surface coating also called water transfer printing or also known as hydro graphic printing ,hydro dipping ,hydro image ,cubic printing ,Aqua printing ,immersion print ,Camo dipping, fluid imaging,liquid image ,with a blend of complex chemical and water pressure principle the formation of a transfer technology, Due to traditional printing and transfer printing, pad printing, screen printing surface coating can not overcome the problem of complex shapes and blind angle. Three dimensional surface coating technology is developed

2. The production principle of water transfer printing

This process utilizes a water-soluble PVA film that contains the printed designs. Once an activator has been applied, the film dissolves and leaves the ink on the surface of the water. The process requires good preparation and the item to be decorated is firstly coated with a primer. After the primer dries, a base coat paint is applied to match with the pattern. So, After the base color , the item is ready for the water transfer printing process. The activator is used to activate the film. Now, the item can be immersed into the water and the ink wraps around it. It is then washed ,dry and protected with a clear topcoat , the product that is showing a new visual effects.

3. Water transfer printing surface coating advantages

1). Water transfer printing surface coating is an environmentally friendly process, it will not bring pollution to the natural environment.
2) .Applicable to any three-dimensional surface coating complex shape and surface of the material, (such as plastics, metals, glass, etc.)
3 ).It is not easy to fade waterproof so enduring aesthetic appearance.
4) .Natural pattern over 3000 thousands of designs, such as wood, marbled, carbon fiber , cartoons ,camouflage ,metal brush ,skull ,fire flame ,animal ,flower,geometrical grains and some design of a variety of prints. Also you can design your own unique patterns.
5) .Our professional and experienced professionals will give you the best service and advice.


The water transfer printing process is used worldwide to decorate a variety of items, from aeroplane interiors to very small items like cell phone cases.. For the most part, if the item can be dipped in water, the water transfer printing process can be applied.which can be applied to various materials, such as plastic (ABS / PU / PP / PS / TPR / 4FS / PVC), metal (copper / iron / aluminum), nylon, wood, building decorate GRC, plaster ,resin, bakelite, ceramics, glass ,leather etc. By the process of Water Transfer Printing, the products always can be decorated lively and the additional value will be improved.Therefore, it is widely adopted in all industrial fields.
a. Automobile Parts: Gauge board, steering wheel, tissue box, rear-view mirror frame, gear handle, locks, interior panel.vent shift lever,motor hood ,windows side,wheel,engine etc.
b. Electronics Communication: Audio, remote control, game controller,TV frame,air conditioner, refrigerator, computer mouse, keyboard, case ,camera,and other electrical appliances, Mobile phone, telephone, etc.
c. Shoes Materials: Shoe sole and shoe side facing EVA shoes ,Cross shoes.
d. Household Articles: Electric fan, switch panel ,light shade,broom ,cleaner tools,Clock, sofa handle,chair arm,chair leg, tea table, cabinet, lamp, ashtray, vase and so on.
e. Daily Commodities: Suitcase, pot handle, glasses, photo frame, racket, cosmetic box,cosmetic cap,lipstick case,hairdressing brush,hair dryer, tooth brush ,shower head, faucet,sink,bathtub,seat,etc.
f.Building Interior :Column ,marble decoration line, Corner Line,Window accessories,, door, floor board, wall panel, and other furniture.
g.Kitchenware Appliances:cup,mug,bowl,stainless plate,knife handle,cooker handle,pot lid,pot handle.
h. Stationery: Pen, desk tidy, calculator, or clip,stapler,other handicrafts.
I.Outdoor Hunter :motorcycle frame,helmet,exhaust pipe,top case,motor scooter,ATV,gas tank,bicycle,tricycle,boat ,ship,aircraft, diving cylinder,compound bow,golf grip shaft ,skateboarding, Electric wheelbarrow ,electric scooter, snowboard pad ,in-line skate truck,camping lantern,camp stove,vacuum bottle,fishing rod,shoot,hunting gun,sight ,tackle box,
J. Others: Exercise equipment,dumbbell,jump handle , badminton racket ,paddle ,electric guitar ,gardening tool, military product, skate industry ,aluminum industry ,bathroom commodity., etc.