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What Is Water Transfer Printing Technology, Water Transfer Printing Technology Application In What Areas?

Edit: Greater Wind Holding Group Co.,LTD      Date:Feb 26, 2016

Water transfer printing technology is the water transfer printing equipment by water pressure there are patterns of water transfer film polymer hydrolysis to pattern transfer to a printing technique on the product. As people's vision and aesthetic enhancement, product packaging and decoration of rising, water transfer printing technology is more and more widely used. Water transfer printing technology are mainly used in the following ways: 1. Electronics: cell phones, telephones, keyboards, cameras 2. commodity categories: tableware, art box, cosmetic box, 3. all kinds of construction materials: doors, Windows, wall plates, wall plate 4 bedroom: sofa, coffee tables, cabinets, lamps, ashtrays, vases. Water transfer printing technology of indirect printing principle solve the problem of a lot of products surface decoration.