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Water Transfer Printing Material Production Process

Edit: Greater Wind Holding Group Co.,LTD      Date:Feb 26, 2016

Water transfer printing material is in the surface of the substrate to the overall transfer graphic printing film, the substrate can be a plastic film can also be a water transfer printing paper. The printing film as a graphic vector, it should appear in print technology a big step forward, check out the English word has a lot of products are directly printed, but with this carrier, people use sophisticated printing technology to carriers of the graphics to be printed on easy to print, and then move the graphic to the substrate. If they possess a certain height, relatively heavy, crooked or small items can be used to transfer process. Water transfer printing process, its wide adaptability, hardly can transfer products, used in water transfer printing transfer printing material drape of water transfer film and water transfer printing paper. (A) water drape transfer film and heat-transfer film production process similar to drape water transfer film is use traditional gravure printing process on the surface of water soluble PVA film printing. Drape the water transfer film substrate expansion rate is very high, is easy to stick close to the surface which is suitable for transfer over the entire surface of the main reasons. But scalability weaknesses are obvious, the printing and transfer printing process, the surface text easily; Followed by transfer printing process, if handled properly, could film collapse. 

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