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Water Transfer Printing Is Widely Used In Where?

Edit: Greater Wind Holding Group Co.,LTD      Date:Feb 26, 2016

Water transfer printing is using water pressure will take color pattern transfer paper/plastic film polymer hydrolysis of a print.

With the improvement of requirements for packaging and decoration, water transfer printing more and more versatile. Water transfer printing of indirect printing principle and perfect printing effects resolved many problem products surface decoration, mainly used for various types of ceramics, glass decal transfer.

Main application in: • car supplies: instrument disc, and control disc, and tissue disc, and Cup seat, and tape frame, and views Hou frames, and operation put hand, and lock,; • electronic products: phone, and paging machine, and VCR, and audio, and remote control, and mouse, and watches, and keyboard, and camera, and hair dryer,; • bedroom supplies: sofa, and coffee table, and Cabinet, and chandelier, and ashtray, and vase, and device with receptacle, • daily boutique: bags decorative pieces, and tableware handle, and glasses box, and pen, and plug pen, and calendar frame, and art like box, and racket, and sent ornaments, and makeup pen, and makeup box, ; 5 interior building materials: doors, Windows, flooring, wall panels.