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Effect Chart Of Water Transfer Film

Edit: Greater Wind Holding Group Co.,LTD      Date:Feb 26, 2016

Water transfer printing applied materials:

Aluminum, zinc, copper, iron, ceramics, glass, nylon, FRP, fiber, wood, acrylic, etc.

Water transfer printing application areas:

1. automotive supplies: instrument panels, control panels, tissue boxes, teacups, tape, after viewing frames, operating handles, locks, and so on.

2. Electronics: phones, pagers, video, audio, remote control, mouse, clocks, keyboards, cameras, hair dryers, etc.

3. room: sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, lamps, ashtrays, vases, furnishings and other containers.

4. consumer products: bags decorative pieces, flatware handles, glass boxes, pen, the pen barrel, desk calendar, art, photo frames, rackets, hair accessories, cosmetic pencils, cosmetic boxes, and so on.

5. interior materials: doors, Windows, flooring, wall panels, and so on.