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Water transfer printing paper production process

Edit: Greater Wind Holding Group Co.,LTD      Date:Feb 29, 2016

Small membrane colored paper, also known as water transfer decal, it is the first pattern printed on special paper in a coating of water soluble glue, then through the water after soaking wet, attached to the horizontal surface of a decorative technology transfers. Small membrane colored paper is mainly used for ceramics, glass, sports equipment (helmet, bat, etc), metal, wood and other objects of irregular surface decoration.

Small film end of paper is made from the bottom of the paper (also known as paper-based), the middle layer is Sol, and cover the surface oil composition. Small film paper in accordance with posted after grilling temperature can be divided into: high temperature low temperature decal decal and. High-temperature decal, including ceramic high temperature sintering of high temperature firing colored paper, glass decals, ceramic decals can be divided into glazed paper, glazed paper; paper at low temperature, mainly used in sports equipment, metal, wood, paper after the transfer to the substrate just 2 0 0 ℃ below the low temperature baking.

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