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Water transfer printing equipment, and water transfer printing products and maintenance

Edit: Greater Wind Holding Group Co.,LTD      Date:Feb 29, 2016

Water transfer printing is to use water pressure pattern transfer on the water transfer film to take on, it printed merchandise everywhere in our daily lives. Water transfer printing process indispensable things--water transfer film and water transfer printing equipment. Today we on to concern about water turned printing set of daily maintenance and maintenance, by weather situation of effect, in Dongguan water turned printing equipment of maintenance way also different: summer to keep ventilation, guarantee equipment of thermal smooth, avoid due to temperatures high on equipment produced damage in autumn note products of connection at added lubricant, avoid temperatures reduced caused of freezes phenomenon machine surface also should often Cha wash, keep clean, block dust and other impurities of into. Water transfer printing products should also pay attention to the maintenance of equipment: not in the Sun for a long time, not long-term water immersion, do not use sharp instruments scratched paint, don't bake at a high temperature, do not then frozen in the refrigerator. We hope to help