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Water transfer printing and thermal transfer what's the difference? Water transfer film and heat-transfer film is universal?

Edit: Greater Wind Holding Group Co.,LTD      Date:Feb 29, 2016

Water transfer printing technology is the use of water pressure will be printed with the pattern transfer paper onto the substrate surface. Thermal transfer technology is through heat and pressure, and pattern transfer on transfer film to the substrate surface. The difference is, one is the use of water pressure, one is through the heating temperature, the process is slightly different, water transfer printing is to make water transfer film, and heat transfer is to make film version, and then making film. Water transfer film is used for irregular surfaces to be processed, printed on the surface of the object, its pattern is purely natural. After water transfer processing becomes bright, change its texture, realistic effects. Heat transfer film refers to the frame with adhesive, heat and under pressure, along with the cover separated from the carrier film, firm transfer special features printing film on the surface of the substrate. So the two cannot be generic.