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Water transfer film and transfer sticker what's the difference? What are its ink requirements?

Edit: Greater Wind Holding Group Co.,LTD      Date:Feb 29, 2016

Water transfer film refers to the water transfer printing process or water transfer film used in the coating process, it is primarily used in large-area pattern effect, and are regular patterns. Can be applied to metal, ceramics, electronics, and much more. Then they printed stickers and sticker, water color, it's a new surface treatment technology, it can take the place of printing, screen printing, heat transfer printing, spray and other printing, features are outlets is clear, tones and delicate, the membrane surface soft, stable performance, and large print, easy and simple. Water transfer printing ink requires fast dry, such as environmental protection, strong adhesion characteristics in order to process the transfer of well very well printed, after the transfer of the undertaking have very good scratch resistance, good resistance to high temperature, acid and alkali. Water transfer printing ink must be professional quality, high level of environmental protection. Transfer stickers used for water transfer printing, the ink is not what claim can be used in printing, screen printing, heat transfer printing, spray applied.