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3D water transfer coated film

Edit: Greater Wind Holding Group Co.,LTD      Date:Feb 29, 2016

Water transfer printing surface coating (water drape, Bao, color lines, color lines magic liquid) application information

, Water transfer printing surface coating profile of the so-called surface coating is actually a new type of technology transfer. General printing or transfer, for exterior complex workpieces can do nothing and reply from the surface to deal with this issue not only with ease, and can be applied to different materials, more lively due to the pattern, color and increase the added value of the product. The transfer of technology for the 21st century, revolutionary new technology.

II, and surface batch covered principle water turned printing principle: surface batch covered is to special chemical processing of film, by printing Shang must of color lines Hou, flat sent Yu water of surface, using hydraulic of role, will color lines pattern uniform to transliteration Yu products of surface, and batch covered film is automatically dissolved, by cleaning and the drying Hou, again Shang a layer transparent of protection paint, at products has rendering out a distinct of Visual effect.